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Mimi ON Dec 29, 2010 AT 11:45 am

Weanie Beans Chilli Hot Chocolate

Weanie Beans Chilli Hot Chocolate

By John Gregory Smith

Artisan coffee company Weanie Beans is the brainchild of the lovely Adeline Towers. She wanted to sell great coffee, with a strong emphasis on the environment. They even give all their coffee grounds to local gardeners who use them to ward off slugs! She is passionate about sourcing her beans and was recently in Mexico making sure they were all up to her high standards. 

Adeline sells her wonderful coffee at various farmers markets around London and has a great website where you can pick up all her lovely coffees, teas and some rather interesting stuff like chocolate coffee beans and chilli hot chocolate, which make a great stocking filler.

You can catch Adeline and her Weanie Beans at farmers markets around London or at her online store weaniebeans.com

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