Winter Warmers at YO! Sushi

John Gregory-Smith ON Nov 26, 2009 AT 12:54 pm

Duck Udon Soup

Duck Udon Soup

By John Gregory-Smith

YO! Sushi has five new steaming hot delicious dishes. The new winter menu is broken down by Volume 1 and Volume 2, Volume 1 is now available at all restaurants (except YO! Sushi Heathrow T3 and YO! Sushi Selfridges London) until 31st December 2009, and includes two hearty soups and a spiced-up classic YO! favourite salad:

YO! Sushi

·  Garlic Pepper Edamame – Finger licking soy beans with garlic soy, black pepper and shichimi chilli powder

· Beef Curry Udon Soup – Slices of beef, carrots, onion and udon noodles in curry broth with beni shoga (red picked ginger)

· Mushroom Kara Age – Crispy coated shiitake, oyster and shimeji mushrooms marinated in soy, mirin, dashi with vinegar soy

·Prawn Korroke – Crispy Japanese breaded prawn and potato croquettes with kimchee mayonnaise

·Duck Udon Soup – Slices of duck, shiitake, carrot, onion and udon noodles in dashi broth with coriander and red chilli

With prices starting from £1.70 per plate.

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