Worship Street Whistling Shop

Mimi ON Jun 06, 2011 AT 2:32 pm

Worship Street Whistling Shop

Worship Street Whistling Shop

by John Gregory-Smith

Fluid Movement have just opened their newest molecular mixology bar Worship Street Whistling Shop, a unique Victorian-inspired underground bar based in Shoreditch.

The attention to detail of this twenty-first century Victorian gin palace was unbelievable. The wooden clad interior had 2 rooms and a private honesty room, where you could sit around a bath (a tradition, as drinks were so overwhelming everyone was sick) and enjoy you favourite spirits. Every last detail had been thought of from the steam-punk style outfits of the barman to the cutlery and glasses on the tables.

The Worship Street Whistling Shop served up wonderful British food with a twist, including a beautiful beetroot and goat’s cheese carpaccio, braised pork cheeks and the most amazing fried oysters that were served with dry ice and jasmine tea, which were poured over seaweed giving you the smell of the sea as you ate the salty snacks. The cocktails were really interesting, traditionally inspired with a scientific modern twist. My favourite was the Panacea that was sweet and fragrant. It combined everything the Victorians would have used as natural defences, including honey, lavender and, of course – alcohol!

The bar will host a Cocktail Emporium, offering an all-encompassing cocktail experience based on the history of a chosen spirit. Guests will be able to book a masterclass in the Emporium, where they will be led through a complete sensory cocktail voyage, experiencing sounds, sights and scents to replicate the historical story of the drinks.


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