Piece of Cake

Mimi ON Mar 21, 2012 AT 4:22 pm

Mr Kipling Cake to Go

In a bid to bring a moment of sweet, cake-y joy to your day, iconic bakery brand Mr Kipling – in one of the best and tastiest marketing strategies that we’ve seen for some time – have installed cake-to-go dispensers across the UK.

19 of the press-a-button-for-a-slice-of-cake dispensers are popping up on the streets of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham and Sheffield from today until April 1st and will be giving away over 130,000 slices of Angel Slices every day!

For more information on the Mr Kipling Cake-to-Go dispensers and their locations visit www.facebook.com/MrsKipling

We’ll see you in the queue on our newly-formed route home. . .

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