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Bruno Mars Half Time Show

Bruno Mars Half Time Show

It’s fair to say that the Super Bowl went with a bang this year. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl for the first time in spectacular style, Beckham ditched his boxers and Bruno Mars took to the stage with none other than the Red Hot Chilli Peppers! We can’t decide what was our favourite part of the Sunday night extravaganza, so here are a few of the highlights. Browse through videos of the half time show, game highlights and some of the top commercials seen that night for a taste of what the Super Bowl audience were treated to in New Jersey. For more on the build-up to the night click here. Otherwise, here are the highlights!

Bruno Mars Half Time Performance

David Beckham H&M Advert

Coca Cola Advert

Budweiser Advert

Game Highlights

Chrysler and Bob Dylan Advert

Kia Matrix Advert


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