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The Joneses

Kate and Steve are the perfect married couple. They have two gorgeous teenage kids, a new mansion in a posh gated community and a happy relationship.

They are constantly wearing designer labels and driving the fastest cars. Their kids instantly become the most popular kids in school and the whole neighbourhood envies their family’s life.

The only problem is they aren’t actually married and those aren’t actually their kids.

The Joneses are a marketing ploy commissioned as a way to introduce high-end, luxury products into upper middle class neighbourhoods around the world. If they have the hip, new gadget, everyone else will soon follow suit in order to “keep up with the Joneses”.

The phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” originated in a 1916 comic strip of the same name that was printed in newspapers for almost 30 years. The Joneses were the neighbours who set the pace for buying new products, and if you couldn’t keep up, you were considered culturally inferior.

This isn’t a new phrase, but it is still a very current topic. The Joneses has been called a zeitgeist film because it shows how consumerism is taking over the world today. It plays off the cycle where we look for new trends, buy them, like them for a little while, and then move on to something else. We constantly convince ourselves that we need expensive things instead of just wanting them.

Gary Cole and Glenne Headly play the Joneses’ neighbours who are constantly trying to keep up. He says the movie is about, “people living beyond their means and thinking there is no consequence to that, which is the mess that we find ourselves in.”

The producers hope that after watching this film, audiences will realise that there is a little bit of the Joneses in all of us. Whether you are trying to portray perfection or constantly hopping on the bandwagon and buying things you don’t need, it’s definitely a topic that’s worth raising… Plus think of how much money you’ll save if you take heed!

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