This Must Be The Place

Mimi ON Apr 03, 2012 AT 5:44 pm

This Must Be The Place

In this dark comedy, Sean Penn stars as Cheyenne, a wealthy, Goth rock star bored of his retirement in Dublin. Cheyenne spends his days reliving his stardom with his young fan friend, Mary (Eve Hewson), and his wife Jane (Frances McDormand), until he receives word that his father is dying. Eve Hewson is the daughter of Paul Hewson, you may know him better as Bono, it’s her film debut and what a good one to launch your film career with!

When he arrives in the States, Cheyenne discovers his father’s deepest secret, prompting him on a cross-country road trip in search of an ex-Nazi officer. Along the way, he’ll discover not only his old friend David Byrne of the Talking Heads, but himself as well.

I loved this movie, despite the dark subject matter and the really unusual casting of Sean Penn as a goth it totally works! Penn is really funny and his relationship with his wife, played beautifully by McDormand is just a joy to watch, I really recommend this one, the soundtrack is fantastic, especially if you are a Talking Heads fan, like me.

This Must Be The Place, whose name is derived from the Talking Heads song, is directed by Paolo Sorrentino and features a score composed by David Byrne.

Watch the trailer for “This Must Be The Place” below, and see it in cinemas this Friday, 6 April.

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