Trailer: Hotel Transylvania

Mimi ON Jul 02, 2012 AT 10:13 am

Hotel Transylvania

Dracula, voiced by  Adam Sandler, is the owner of Hotel Transylvania, a lavish five-star resort where the world’s monsters can relax, live it up, and enjoy life without the presence of humans. For his daughter Mavis’, played by Selena Gomez, 118th birthday, he invites some of the most famous monsters around, including Frankenstein and his bride-to-be, the Mummy and the Invisible Man, amongst others, to join them at the hotel to celebrate. But as the party is crashed by Jonathan, voiced by Andy Samberg, an unexpected, and human, visitor, Dracula’s world comes crashing down. Jonathan takes a liking to Mavis, and Dracula must protect his daughter from falling in love before it’s too late.

Hotel Transylvania comes to cinemas nationwide on the 12th October. 3D glasses at the ready.

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