Trailer: Ted

Mimi ON Apr 02, 2012 AT 11:12 am


Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane makes his feature-length directorial debut in the upcoming comedy, Ted. Like most of MacFarlane’s work, Ted is quite crude. Viewers will either love or hate this comedy that surrounds a computer-generated teddy bear.

Ted, who is voiced by MacFarlane himself, is not your average teddy bear. He is a walking, talking stuffed animal; not to mention, he smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and swears profusely.

Created when John (Mark Wahlberg) wished his childhood teddy bear would come to life, Ted leads a slacker lifestyle that starts to interfere with John’s attempts to settle down and become an adult.

John must eventually choose between his lifelong friend and roommate and the love of his life, Lori (Mila Kunis).

Note that the trailer is filled with profanity so it may be best to pop in a pair of headphones if sneaking a peek at your workplace!

Watch the trailer below and see ‘Ted’ in theatres 3 August 2012.

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