Trailer: The Dictator

Mimi ON Apr 18, 2012 AT 11:19 am

Sacha Baron Cohen as The Dictator

With jabs at Al-Qaeda, the Kardashians and a whole load of misogynistic candor,  Sacha Baron Cohen is back with a new, typically outrageous creation.  As lovingly oppressive dictator Shabazz Aladeen of the Republic of Wadiya, Cohen heads to America where he is thrust into the life of a typical American, something of a stark contrast from the life of luxury.

Promoting his dictator character this past award season at the Oscars, Cohen – in full Dictator Aladeen regalia -sprinkled the “ashes” of Kim Jong-il on Ryan Seacrest live on the red carpet this past February. The “ashes” turned out to be pancake mix prompting Seacrest to tweet that he would be hosting a “pancake breakfast” the next day.

With a legitimate working website ( that details the history of Wadiya and the biography of Aladeen, it is worth a look to prepare yourself for the funny.

The Dictator will be coming to UK cinemas on May 18.

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