Video of the Week: You Beautiful Thing

BATD ON Apr 19, 2013 AT 9:54 am

Since Dove launched their Real Beauty Sketches video earlier this week, it has gone viral, racking up just over 8 and a half million YouTube views.

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

The basis of the video is to allow women an insight into just how critical we are, or can be, about ourselves and how we look.

An FBI Forensic Trained Artist asks women (who he cannot see) to describe their appearance  whilst he sketches them. He then starts over again, re-sketching the very same woman, but this time based on the description from other people. The women are then shown the two portraits of themselves to see just how different each of their interpreted faces is, based on the verbal descriptions.

The video highlights just how critical women often are about their own appearances and the ongoing struggle to recognise the natural beauty that others see.

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