Watch: Jennifer Aniston Strips For New Film We’re The Millers

BATD ON May 23, 2013 AT 12:41 pm

We’ve always been Team Jen. Dressed or otherwise. And whilst she may not be the first Hollywood star to come to mind when it you think of bare-flesh, (mainly because there’s so much more to her than toned, tanned bod), silver-screen audiences worldwide don’t seem to agree.

For her latest movie, We’re The Millers, producers seem to be going down the tried-and-tested-route of The Break Up, casting the Friends-star in a saucy role and asking her to strip for the trailer.

The new film sees Jason Sudeikis putting together a fake family in order to smuggle Marujana back from Mexico and paying them $100,000 for their effort. He turns to Aniston, a cheap stripper, to play his wife. Meanwhile during the attempted drug-smuggle, the fake family are captured by real drug dealers wherein Jen is then required to shake her thang in order to prove that they aren’t a real family.

Jennifer Aniston in We’re The Millers

Watch the trailer, and Jen’s striptease here;

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