Watch: Lady Gaga’s Fame Fragrance Video

Mimi ON Jul 20, 2012 AT 10:37 am

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance Video

Having been teased repeatedly over the last few months with snippets of info and images of Lady Gaga’s first ever scent, with sneaky peeks courtesy of a fast-fingered American editor as well as the more official announcements, we now have Gaga’s first promo video for the fragrance.

Featuring some rather buff, bare-chested men toiling away at Paris’ Haus Laboratories, over bubbling vats and effervescing science-lab beakers, the black and white video is also dictated by a suitably sexy French voice-over. As sexy and suggestive as the singer herself, there are shots of pert, ripe apricots being drizzled with honey.

And with that, surely all that is left is for us to finally get our hands on the fragrance so that we can have a sniff for ourselves. Because who doesn’t want to smell like a high-class hooker?

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