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Mimi ON Jul 12, 2011 AT 9:33 am

Odin Fragrances

Odin Fragrances

We love these new unisex fragrances from the New York based boutique, Odin.

The NYC store gets its name from the Norse god of wisdom and victory and has already earned itself three awards including “America’s 50 Most Influential Men’s Store”.

Odin has everything from bath and beauty products to designer menswear and recently we got to sample the unisex Eau de Parfum line. The range includes scents; Nomad, Owari, Century and Petrana and we found some fab scents in really nice packaging with a stylish square bottle and slick protective box.

Nomad was an instant favourite at BATD with top notes of juniper and cedar, middle tones of palmarosa and base of sandalwood and musk. Plus, you can now get the scents in home candles as well, giving us the perfect excuse to go out and include these fab fragrances in all aspects of our lives!

The fragrances and candles are available in exclusively store in Liberty.

At present, only Century 03 EDT (£99) is available online in the UK at


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