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by Chrissy Iley

Diorshow Mascara

Diorshow Mascara

I was in Bloomingdales and I was lured to the Dior counter because you got a free psychic reading. The psychic was sat there with giant tarot cards. She looked wise and Russian. Why not buy a mascara I thought?

I challenged them with my super thin lashes that can barely hold a single lick. Lashes from which mascara falls off as fast as it goes on.

I had recently discovered that YSL was my holy grail, that it went on beautifully and super thick, but now I know why Anjelica Huston told me she has a whole drawer of them – after two weeks they dry out.

Dior’s mascaras look pretty ordinary but they have come up with a lash primer. It is a white coating and it is supposed to promote long-term growth, strength and vitality. But in the short-term it coats your eyes so that the mascara stays on better and looks more luscious.

I tried it with Diorshow Mascara (£23.00) which is their most super black mascara. I didn’t have to be a psychic to predict that I wouldn’t love the mascara.

The primer however I have come to realise is quite good. It has actually made my eyelashes appear slightly thicker. It also creates a kind of curled look. So all in all it is not bad. It has been called by Sephora “this season’s most innovative must have product.” I am not so sure I would go that far. A real must have product is mascara that thickens and lasts, but in its absence the Diorshow plumping serum is trying hard and I would buy it again.

It came in a kit with an eyebrow pencil that was a surprise beauty. It has a surprisingly soft tip for a brow pencil and a magic quality of bending to be the perfect colour for any brow – easy to use, fantastically long wearing. This one really is a must have.

I needed another product to get the psychic reading so I picked up their lip balm called Lip Glow Balm (£22.50) I was sold on the idea that it also slightly tints your lips and the lady at the counter said it worked well with any weather changes, or in fact any weather, and I am sad to say it is one of those lip balms that the more you apply it the more you need it. Can it be that it made the condition of my lips worse? Certainly my lips were sore and flaky and this acted as the anti-balm.

The best product for lips is the one from Antipodes Organic Lip Balm with Lime Leaf and Cocoa Butter (£7.99) and it costs half the price.

My psychic reading? The psychic said I was a psychic. Really? And I knew that something very important and wonderful would happen. My dreams would come true and my problems would go away. Thank you Dior. That psychic was a good move. She made everyone feel happy. And they didn’t notice they bought bad lip balm.

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