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Mimi ON Jan 27, 2010 AT 2:32 pm

Gillette’s new Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Gillette’s new Venus Spa Breeze Razor

By Tamara Hinson

Razors with moisturising strips that leave your legs silky smooth are nothing new. But how about a razor that leaves your pins and, err…pits, smelling of white tea? Bear with me, because Gillette’s new Venus Spa Breeze razor does exactly that, thanks to soft, flexible shave gel bars infused with fragrance.

The gel not only smells great, but contains soothing avocado and skin conditioning botanical oils, too. The razor is also super-flexible and comes with an ergonomically shaped handle, which makes reaching all those hard-to-reach places a piece of cake.

The new Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor costs £7.99 and comes with one cartridge and one Gillette “Shower Pod” holder. Replacement cartridges cost £8.99 for four. Available from March.

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