A Cut Above (Part 1)

Mimi ON Jun 25, 2010 AT 9:42 am

Taylor Taylor Salon

Taylor Taylor Salon

By Tamara Hinson

Even before my tea was served in the finest bone china along with the offer of a fresh cupcake, it was obvious that trendy London hair salon Taylor Taylor likes do things a little differently.

Set in Shoreditch (there’s a second boutique salon located just off
Brick Lane) Taylor Taylor’s flagship salon feels both achingly cool and refreshingly welcoming.  The salon has a definite Parisian feel, with extravagant chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings, luxurious chaise longues and a stunning cocktail bar offering everything from hot drinks to cakes and cocktails.

Taylor Taylor Salon

Taylor Taylor Salon

Given that the whole place is so achingly cool, I half feared being confronted by an over-eager stylist keen to transform my locks into some edgy creation more suited to a skinny-jeaned eighteen-year old, but luckily for me, my stylist, David, was patient and knowledgeable – making helping suggestions about what could be done with my unruly locks while politely letting me ramble away about my various hair-related traumas.

After agreeing on a plan of action, I was taken to have my hair washed in the Gold Buddha Room – a stunning, crucifix-adorned space with golden walls and Buddhas sent into alcoves.  I rarely find having my hair washed by a complete stranger to be a relaxing experience, but the soothing head massage combined with the dimmed lighting and minimalist décor made the whole place feel more like a luxurious spa, and by the time I was taken to have my hair cut, I’d almost nodded off.

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