A Hint Of An Eyeshadow Tint

Chrissy ON Aug 20, 2013 AT 9:12 am

by Chrissy Iley

I’m rather liking my chubby eye pencils from MUA. They are somewhat of a discovery. I like the way they can be applied with speed and ease. They are called Colour Blast Eye Shadow Tint, which is what they do – tint rather than block colour so the shades are more muted than intense.

MUA Colour Blast Eye Shadow Tint in Bring It Back

There’s a sheer muted gold (Stay) for highlighting and a fudgy colour (A Girl Like Me) which provides a sheer wash of colour to the eye or a long wearing base for a smoky eye.

They have been travelling around with me extensively and what I find especially useful is the way they roll up and down like a lipstick so there’s no need for annoying pencil sharpeners.

In fact this is a major, major plus. Eye pencils or lip pencils never seem to be a uniform pencil and never fit perfectly in the pencil sharpener that’s been designed for a specific brand.

Aside from that, pencil sharpeners are something I lose so regularly they are a source of huge irritation.

MUA is compact, useful, easy and extremely well priced.

MUA Colour Blast Eye Shadow Tints, £3, muastore.co.uk and Superdrug. 

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