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BATD ON Aug 19, 2010 AT 9:10 am

Harrods Palace Compact

Harrods Palace Compact

Estée Lauder made her first solid perfume compact in 1967 and since then it’s been somewhat of a tradition for the brand to come up with some beautiful and bejewelled designs for the most recent compact collection. With over 770 compacts archived in NYC, Estée Lauder are showcasing a rare selection of 50 Harrods compacts to the Estée Lauder Harrods Compact Exhibit (2nd September – 2nd October 2010).

Visitors will even receive an iPod for the duration of their visit to the exhibition, that will take them through the compact history, with a special commentary recorded by Mrs. Evelyn Lauder herself!

As a lover all of things beautiful and shiny I’m considering queing for this already…

Estée Lauder Harrods Compact Exhibit, open from 2nd September – 2nd October 2010.

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