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Mimi ON Sep 23, 2010 AT 4:27 pm

Discovery Kit

By Chrissy Iley
I was on a press trip staring at a woman I hardly knew, staring at her feet that is. I’d never seen feet so perfect, skin so smooth and plump, toes so perky and I looked down at my own toes which looked like claws. My feet looked 50 years older than the rest of me, hard skin, ingrown toenails. They looked unloved.

The woman whose feet I was staring at said that hers had looked like mine only a few days ago until Margaret Dabbs had worked her magic. Dabbs it turns out gives a pedicure with a difference. It’s a medical pedicure. It’s all about the health of the feet and it’s about revitalising the toes and the nail bed in a way that I’ve never had done before.

She takes your feet dry. People protest because they are used to being soft soaked but Dabbs said that doesn’t let you know the skin and does nothing. She puts on her own special potions so that your feet feel that they are breathing for the first time. Toenail and toe suddenly have space between them. Just about anyone who has ever put their pedicured toes on a red carpet has walked through her foot clinic and nail spa in New Cavendish Street.

Margaret Dabbs

She is about to open her Sole Spa at Liberty and has rebranded all her lotions and potions. The Discovery Travel Kit contains intensive hydrating foot lotion, a foot oil that comes with a spray dispenser, relaxing hydrating foot soak. Expect ballet ready feet afterwards and exfoliating foot mousse for tackling hardness and dryness. She uses Emu oil for its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It all smells divine.

Afterwards one of her nail technicians will paint you in a range of extremely elegant shiny colours that stay and stay. You won’t need to visit for a couple of months but you may want to.

For a final relaxation you sit in an oxygen pod, breathe in purity, lie back and listen to classical music.

On your way out you may just see a supermodel or an A List actor but Dabbs will never tell you that they were there.

The Medical Pedicure costs from £75. Oxygen Capsule £22.

Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinic, 75 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 8UU

Tel: 020 7487 5510

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