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By Chrissy Iley

I always feel very undressed without eyebrows. They more than just frame the face, I feel that I can’t express myself with thin brows. It’s kind of like when people have botox and they can’t move their forehead. If I’ve got thin spindly brows, no one notices if I move my forehead and I’ve never ever had botox as I’m needle phobic. I’ve got a whole separate make up kit just for brows. Brow thickeners, brow pencils, brow gels. The stuff that Benefit make that’s kind of a brow Rogaine and I have them examined regularly and dyed.

Cara Delevingne eyebrows

Cara Delevingne eyebrows

Every time I see my brow man he tells me that I should be using oil to nurture hair follicles and asks me just what I did to them when I got plucking happy years ago. They just never came back. When I saw Alchemy’s Brow Remedy I was very excited. A natural solution to thinning eyebrows which can be because of health issues, over plucking, age, general brow stress.

The little oil pot contains 5 natural oils including coconut oil which prevents breakage and avocado oil which seals in moisture, argan oil which softens and rosehip oil which hydrates and revitalises and peppermint oil which stimulates the hair follicles.

My brow man was telling me about these oils and always encouraging me to make them up myself but that’s something that I just never got round to doing. It was just too messy. And now Alchemy Oils have done it for me.

Alchemy Oils

Alchemy Oils

It really does make eyebrow hair grow thicker and faster. The usual growth of the eyebrow is less than 0.16 mm per day. This definitely escalates it. You’re supposed to rub the oil into each eyebrow, possibly as an overnight treatment. You tip the bottle upside down and that’s how much you use. I would say use less.

The peppermint oil is super invigorating and if your eyes are used to gazing at a computer all day it can be a little bit intense. And using it sparingly seems to work just as well. What I noticed was the brows came in slightly darker or maybe it was just that they were thicker they appeared darker but their texture was very lustrous whereas previously they had been very lacklustre.

It’s the age of the eyebrow. Cara Delevingne, we’ve all got a lot of brow envy but now we can all have a lot of brow.

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