Aldo Coppola – Sloane Avenue (Part 2)

Mimi ON May 24, 2010 AT 12:44 pm

Aldo Coppola Stations

Aldo Coppola Stations


I was booked in for a colour so I opted for some natural highlights in my already blonde hair, however I was slightly confused when I was told there would be no foils of any kind involved. Instead Aldo Coppola use a unique colouring technique called Shatush, and no it’s not a dog breed as I originally thought. In fact it is an ingenious technique that involves backbrushing your hair and applying colour to the loose ends. By opting for this rather than the foils, the colouring is supposed to achieve a more natural look, with less horizontal regrowth. I certainly hoped that this was the end result at the time as I looked a complete fool as I sat there with my full head of back-combed locks!

Oscar applied the colour freehand and then went about his business with his other clients as the lovely Daisy took me over to the ridiculously high-tech light-therapy massaging chairs by the washing stations.

Having been fully comatosed and undergone a hair steam (yes they steamed my hair, apparently to rehydrate it?!) I head over for my cut as Oscar darted back to my station having finished one of his fabulously extravagant Italian clients. This was the shortest part of the treatment as he’s nimbly snipped my lengths and revitalised my very shabby style.

Having had a blow-dry and style that lasted about an hour, not only was I feeling inappropriately spoilt, but I was amazed at the result. My hair was a beautiful golden flaxen and had a beautifully clean and well structured cut. I would thoroughly recommend heading to Oscar and his team for anyone wanting a luxurious 5* hair cut and I’d be tempted never to go back to foils after the gorgeous results of the Shatush colouring technique. Plus, if you’ve got the funds, book into the VIP room with some friends and experience it all down there with cocktails… what better way to unwind and beautify!

From £55 for Blow Dry and from £120 for Cut.

Aldo Coppola can be found at 70 Sloane Avenue, London SW33DD

To book call: 0207 0520709

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