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BATD ON Jan 05, 2010 AT 3:23 pm

OPI's Alice inspired nail polishes

OPI's Alice inspired nail polishes

You might have tuned into the excitement of Tim Burton’s forthcoming film, Alice In Wonderland, that hits screens in March. Needless to say, what’s getting beauty lovers hot under the collar are OPI’s Alice inspired nail polishes – a riot of crazy colours, sparkles and glosses guaranteed to get your tips top of the trends.

We love the vibrant blue glitter-shot Absolutely Alice nearly as much as the ravishing OffWithHerRed - a wowzer scarlet. Launching at the end of this month, we’ll be hedging our bets and plumping for the Alice In Wonderland mini set of all four fabulous shades, £12.15 at We’re predicting a slew of Alice inspired beauty features and Helena Bonham Carter-esque queenly make up madness.

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