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BATD ON Aug 26, 2009 AT 8:20 am

Mini Eyeliner from Bourjois

Mini Eyeliner from Bourjois

Even our most out-size, slouchy handbags are stuffed full of life’s essentials; perfume, books, BlackBerry, three week old issues of Grazia and of course, a make-up bag that weighs the equivalent of a house brick. So, something has to give before we really do end up with one arm longer than the other.

Giving us hope for working the autumn/winter bold shoulder look evenly, are these tiny Mini Eye Pencils from Bourjois in a range of shades running through violet, grey, gold and matte black to turquoise, shimmering white and jade green, that are feather light but heavy on style. And, coming in at a very respectable £2.44 each, there’s a chance to get rid of that weighty small change, too.

From September.

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