Alterna 2 Minute Root Touch-Up

Chrissy ON Sep 10, 2013 AT 11:53 am

Alterna 2 Minute Root Touch-Up

I’ve never understood the mystery of roots. One minute you’re looking at your hair the roots seem more or less the colour of the rest of it, and then half an hour later the roots are horrendous.

I’m not sure if this is due to a miracle spurt in hair growth or a sudden change in disposition, you know, the glass is half empty, your root are totally bright gleaming white, you look at the dark and you only see the grey.

The other facet in the mystery of roots is that when you see the disgusting wiry white things flashing across your head, it’s never the day that you want to stay in and catch up with Sky+ or Virgin Media Tivo.

It’s always the day where there’s something important, a party, a meeting, a date, all of which will be blighted because however fantastic you look, funny you are or clever, all that’s going down in your head is the hideousness of hair.

I’d heard about instant touch up sprays and felt that must be like applying Rogain. I also once used a dry shampoo that had added colour, except the colour was a strange crimson/Paul McCartney maroon.

Alterna is a brand I know and like – their moisturising mist is amazing. So I was very attracted to the idea of their two minute touch-up tubes. The tubes come in four colours – blonde, light brown, dark brown, black. They have a brush on the end for easy(ish) application. They are a mineral based gel which dries very quickly and without mess.

They are a quick fix. They are for I cannot go out with these roots tonight. The colour will not stay past one shampoo. It’s a temporary way to hide new growth of any colour hair that isn’t the same as the colour you want it to be.

It allows you to leave the house. For this I’m grateful. The coverage was not salon quality or even do it at home quality, but the speed was amazing. I love the fact there’s no waiting around, but the formula is a little too clay like and I feel it would work better on very thick hair. It did rather over power my fine limp hair. It sort of looked like I had glue at the roots.

That said, the root touch-up in between salon visits is a difficult but needy market to crack and well done Alterna for trying to nail it. It’s not exactly cheap but it does give you something that you can’t buy – freedom from your roots.

Alterna 2 Minute Root Touch-Up, £24.95

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