American Apparel Launches Nail Colour

BATD ON Jan 11, 2010 AT 10:49 am

American Apparel Nail Colour

American Apparel Nail Colour

It seems there’s no stopping the high street in conquering the beauty world, we’re hotly anticipating the launch of Topshop beauty which is due to hit stores in early May but we’ve just heard American Apparel have already launched their own range of nail colours in the US. The collection features 18 vibrant colours, each colour distinctly represents a part of the American Apparel brand.

There is a minty green colour in the collection which is called “The Office” which was matched to the color of an accounting notepad found on the seventh floor of American Apparel’s headquarters. Now that’s attention to detail! No wait there’s more, another colour titled ‘Factory Grey’  is the actual color of all the floor paint of the company’s manufacturing operations building, while Hassid, a dark black shade, pays homage to the company’s Jewish roots. While some brands take inspiration from the catwalk,  American Apparel would have your nails looking like their floor paint, but very nice floor paint I’m sure

The nail colours are priced at $6 each and are only available in the US.

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