Andy Warhol x NARS Review

Mimi ON Dec 10, 2012 AT 10:40 am

by Chrissy Iley

I was walking past the new Nars shop on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and saw the beautiful Andy Warhol range in the window. It was like a magnet. Before I knew it I was in the shop which is a danger zone of delights.

Not sure how the Andy Warhol range came about or how many pieces of marketing can lend his name to.

I remember when I met Andy Warhol. It was one of his last exhibitions in London and he was signing copies of Interview magazine, hundreds of them. He asked me to sign some for him and I joked, that the really valuable ones will be the ones where I forged his signature as those are comparatively rare. He seemed to spend all his days, and nights, signing his name. and that in itself was his statement, his piece of art.

The Andy Warhol Collection from Nars

He died soon afterwards so I rather regretted saying that. But worse I remember throwing away my copy of Interview magazine signed by him, or me, it’s hard to tell.

I’ve always love his Marilyns and his Lizas. I’ve got them on mugs and postcards. And here was a delightful eye shadow palette in Andy’s own likeness.

Andy Warhol x NARS Palette

You get a corally flesh pink on Andy’s face for eyes or cheeks. A contouring brown and darker brown and cornflower blue background. It looks pretty and the very nice make-up artist gave me a lesson and take away instructions and a vitamin infused serum that I’ve been using every day since in my constant battle against dry winter jet lagged skin. In fact I like the serum more than the eye palette because I don’t want to destroy Andy’s face by rubbing it out.

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