Anthropologie’s Debut Scent

BATD ON Jun 20, 2013 AT 2:45 pm

Very few retail spaces effect me in quite the same way as Anthropologie does. Walking through the doors is akin to stepping inside my dream home with accompanying (oversized) walk-in wardrobe.

Dreamlike because realistically I couldn’t bring myself to buy (or sleep in, in the case of the current magical four-poster bed that’s showcased in the Regent Street store) most of the offerings; sadly I have few occasions in life that warrant the gorgeous silken dresses, nor the type of apartment (a Shoreditch warehouse-conversion complete with brickwork) that would be suited to the intricately handcrafted (as if purchased whilst in distant, exotic lands) homewares.

Antiquarius Petals by Royal Apothic for Anthropologie

Until my lifestyle changes somewhat considerably, I’ll be settling for the occasional show-stopping necklace and Anthropologie’s debut fragrance, as created by Royal Apothic, Antiquarius Petals.

Quintessentially this is Anthropologie, the brand, bottled. But more specifically it’s indulgent, feminine and fresh. With top notes of blackberry, grapefruit, mandarin and tangerine, softening down to a heart of jasmine, orange blossom, violet and rose, whilst the heady base notes comprise of patchouli, eucalyptus, sandalwood and exotic musk.

Antiquarius Petals by Royal Apothic for Anthropologie, £26


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