Are Your Emotions Weighing You Down?

BATD ON Apr 30, 2009 AT 9:40 am

Emotional Eating Kit

Emotional Eating Kit

Who else is all too familiar with the term emotional eating?  It’s when you reach for that pint of Haagen Dazs after you’ve had a rough break up.  It’s when you binge at dinner with your in-laws just so you don’t have to take part in the conversation.  It’s when you’re so stressed that you find your kitchen has become a bakery instead of actually doing any of the things you needed to do.  Well, we’ve come across a remedy designed to counteract even some of the worst cases of emotional eating. 

Bach’s new product, the Emotional Eating Kit, is a set of three flower essences targeted to help manage your emotions and curb negative eating habits.  One of the essences, Crab Apple, is designed to help you accept things you may not like about yourself, boosting your body image and self-confidence in one little bottle.  The Cherry Plum essence helps you to think rationally about your food choices and prevents any slip ups when the urge to veer away from a healthy diet arises.  Ending off the trio is the Chestnut Bud essence which could very well be the most brilliant of all. 

Designed to help you learn from past experiences with bad eating habits, it ensures that you are less likely to make the same bad dieting mistake twice!  The best part of Bach’s Emotional Eating Kit (Besides being under £10!)?  You can create your own individual remedy by mixing or altering the order in which you take the essences to adapt to your changing moods.  Just two drops on your tongue and you’ll be fighting back at those comfort foods in no time!

Available from Boots stores now priced £9.95

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