ASK MICHAEL COHEN: How To Feel Good Again 2

Mimi ON Sep 29, 2010 AT 11:20 am

Michael's favourite lace Shoes

Michael's favourite lace Shoes

I’m going to keep this simple. I just had a baby. I don’t feel sexy. I want to feel good again. Any ideas?

Oh yes, honey. New shoes. Something sexy, something sweet and with a fabulous heel. I am loving lace pumps right now…

Okay, now that I got the frivolous out of the way, they are a few ways to get back to feeling fabulous. You need an hour a day for yourself. Period. Do whatever you want with it. While I don’t suffer from any post baby drama, I do kill my personal anxiety with an iPod full of music that reminds me of good old times and I take a healthy jog where I detach from the world. This may work for you – because I have a feeling those pregnancy yoga classes may have gotten to you.

Get back to a serious beauty routine. Get your hair done and your nails did every single Friday. Try changing your nail color and do something with your hair that isn’t so mommy and me  – just whatever you do stay away from looking like Kate Gosselin – she looks like a freak.

Included in this beauty regime must be a new scent that makes you feel downright sexy and that’s anything Tom Ford.

Finally, take a hot bubble bath and take along a waterproof Rabbit (not the one with ears honey) and you’ll be set.

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