Aveda Smooth Infusions: Tried and Tested

Mimi ON Jan 31, 2011 AT 11:41 am

Smooth Infusions Range

Smooth Infusions Range

By Emma Skipper

Anyone that knows me will know I like my sports and each winter I brave the cold for my club’s Hockey season. Now although there’s something great about team sports and spending every Tuesday night freezing your butt of on a hockey pitch, you can almost guarentee that you end up looking horrendous after the session. ‘Slightly’ sweaty, red in the face and with a full head of frizz I am far from a picture of perfection so when I head to the Aveda Concept Store in Holborn the other week I was impressed to find out there was a range that may at least help with one of my problems post-pitch time… the dreaded frizz.

The canine equivalent of my hair post match...

The canine equivalent of my hair post match...

When I had my hair done at the store, my stylist told me the products may be slightly too heavy for my ultra fine hair, however I’ve been using it for the last two weeks (especially before a practise session or match) and I’m very impressed.

My biggest frizz problem come after the match; when we’ve gone back inside, dried off and warmed up. The combination of being hot and sweaty on pitch with the move to warm and snuggly in the bar afterwards literally make my hair go ‘poof’ and I end up looking like a blow-dried Pomeranian. This is not good.

The Aveda Smooth infusions has definitely made an improve to may Hair game! I can now literally swan into the bar after my game rather than having to go a preen myself before showing my face in public. The impressive formula tames any fly aways and really smoothes your hair, preventing any embarassing ‘blow-dried dog’ moments.

Although I wouldn’t use this product if I wanted a volumised look on a night out, it’s the perfect thing to tame your unruly hair when it needs to behave itself, which for me is in our club’s bar after a hockey match…

Note: It has nothing to do with wanting to impress the full team of rugby players that also frequent the establishment.

If you want to try out the range you can buy the products here: www.aveda.co.uk

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