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by Chrissy Iley

BaByliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush

BaByliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush (£30.00)

Imagine a brush that gives your hair instant shine. Imagine a blow-dry in a brush, with frizz control. If such a thing existed it would mean never having to book a blow-dry appointment. No bad hair days, despite frizz inducing rain.

This would mean hours regained in a lifetime, hundreds, if not thousands of pounds reclaimed from hairdressing bills. With everything it promised, I obviously had to try to the BaByliss Brilliant Shine Ionic brush (£30.00).

On the box it shows a woman with hair as smooth, shiny, and long as Barbie’s pony. It promises shiny, manageable hair, softened and smoothed by its ionic generator, which releases conditioning ions directly into the hair.

My hair is limp, thin, frizzy and hideously static-filled. The weather has made it worse and I am incapable of doing a good blow-dry myself. It’s just one of those things I’m not genetically predisposed to do, like playing tennis or performing acts that involve a tiny screwdriver.

As soon as I released it from its box I dragged it through my hair realising I’d forgotten to insert the tiny batteries. The batteries of course are the very things that distinguish it from an ordinary brush.

The chemistry of this brush and my hair did something that the imagery and promotional blurb didn’t even advertise it would do. It made it look thick and lustrous, like someone else’s hair. It made it shine a little and it made it smoother. I imagine if you have normal to thick hair the shiny and smoothness elements might be exaggerated.

But for now hair extensions in a brush is more than acceptable. This is indeed a magic brush.

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