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Mimi ON Dec 10, 2008 AT 12:36 pm

Mad et Len

Mad et Len

The modern day beauty industry is saturated with products that offer a plethora of claims: ‘new technological advances’, ‘contains retinols’, ‘with anti-ageing properties’ and other more confusing jargon that the every day consumer has little or no understanding of.

If, like me, you hark back to simpler beauty days when a moisturiser was a moisturiser and stretch mark cream was only applied to the lower parts of the body, you’re going to love the latest beauty brand to hit the shelves at The Shop at Bluebird.

Beauty brand Mad et Len, created by an eccentric husband and wife team in the south of France, is a stunning, old-school apothecary range inspired by a more simple time. Not only do the products contain the finest natural ingredients that are good for you and your skin, they’ll also look exquisite on your bathroom shelf.

Soothe your skin and your soul!

From £29

The Shop at Bluebird,
350 King’s Road
Tel: 020 7351 3873

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