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Mimi ON Jan 18, 2012 AT 1:38 pm

Emma Stone red blonde

Heading back to blonde a la Emma Stone last year

By Emma Skipper

About four months I decided I was up for a change and dyed my beach blonde locks auburn. Well four months down the line and a couple of colours tried and tested, I’ve currently got a really lovely tawny auburn shade (less harsh than my original red) but I’ve got a problem. Root growth.

As a natural blonde, trying darker hair colours can be a curse as in my opinion there is NOTHING worse than pale roots; it makes you look balding/greying on a bad day. So with this in mind I thought it was time to go back to my roots, literally. A problem presents itself when you make a decision to go back blonde though… and that’s how to do it without ruining your hair – especially as the red dye had already taken it out of mine. In my time of need I turned to the amazing colourist Karine Jackson and her team in Covent Garden and head down for a consultation.

The salon is tucked away on Litchfield Street off Tottenham Court Rd so I popped down after work and met with Karine herself to work out exactly how we were going to tackle the monster that is my natural blonde.

Firstly Karine took out an old colour chart, not the ones with coloured hair strands, rather one that tells you what tones you need to be going for dependant on how they bring out/ subdue the tones of your own skin (they don’t make them anymore apparently so hers is an old school favourite). My skintone apparently suited the more golden tones so we took it from there to work out the hair colours we’d be opting for later on from the Organic Colour Systems range (dyes that are free from ammonia, resorcinol and parabens and have been developed using natural products wherever possible.). After determining my natural base colour (and ashy blonde), we choose a few shades around it and opted for highlights to make sure that the regrowth was not as pronounced. Something I was very happy with as I was not even sure that my red hair COULD be dyed back blonde.

Organic Care Systems Aqua Boost

Organic Care Systems Aqua Boost

A few really interesting things that I picked up from my consultation with Karine were mainly around the health of my hair (which is seriously lacking now). She said that ideally she’d prescribe me with a few products to build the strength and lustre of my hair up before dying it so not to damage it further. Not only would this give a much better end result, but it would also prevent the colour from fading – which was a BIG problem when I dyed my hair red. Obvisously I agreed and have been put on a prescription of Organic Colour Systems Aqua Boost shampoo and conditioner to restore some of the structure to my hair prior to my appointment in a few weeks.

So… fingers crossed! Hopefully I’ll be reporting great things from my journey back to blonde!

I would 100% recommend heading down to Karine Jackson for a consultation if you’re in any way worried about changing your hair colour. I left feeling really good about a change that I’d been really worried about before. You’ll definitely have your mind put at ease, that’s for sure.

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