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Mimi ON Jul 08, 2010 AT 9:42 am

Why scrimp and save when you can get a cut from the pros!

By Debbie Djordjevic

The recession has hit most of us and there can’t be many people who aren’t looking to save money rather than spend it at the moment. Even the most profligate have given up something, whether it’s takeaways rather than going out, or waiting for the sales to start rather than buying that new dress for the weekend, we’re all looking at ways to end the month without an overdraft or maxed-out credit card. My saving this year was to abandon the salon and turn to the bottle to banish the grey that is becoming far to much of a feature. Because I have curly hair I figured I could get away with it going way past my shoulders and with a regular bathroom session no-one would really tell the difference. But I was wrong, and instead of the boho chic, festival look I was aiming for it was all going in the direction of Bewitched on a bad day. So the Keep Colour Professional initiative had me hot tailing down to the Hob Salon in Baker Street to remind myself of what I had been missing.

Of course the main advantage, apart from a dye-free bathroom, is the pampering element and the chance to sit down and be still for a couple of hours. Someone to bring you coffee and biscuits, a pile of fashion (or gossip of course) mags and even, in the case of this Hob Salon in particular, a head massage and massage chair while your hair is washed. Of course what I hadn’t realised as I was gaily slapping on the bottle dye, was that with a head of long, thick, curly hair, it is virtually impossible to get complete coverage. From the front I felt there was no difference, but Abby my colourist was soon to disaffect me from this belief with a swift spin of the chair and a hand-held mirror. Instead of a deep dark brown throughout the length, at the back it was a different story - where had the slightly ginger tones come from to at least a third of my hair? Chastened I was beginning to see that a professional colour application wasn’t just a nice to have, it was fast becoming an essential!

Putting colour mistakes right, even previously unknown one’s like mine, definitely needs a professional, even I could see that it’s not just a case of putting one colour through and expecting it to all come out evenly. Abby spent a while and several strengths of dye to put my lax behaviour right. She also treated my hair to a deep conditioning mask which really locked-in the colour and gave it a true shine.

So, will I go back into the salon and abandon the bottle? More regularly, yes. I definitely need the careful care and attention and some extra special treatments to give my hair the same tlc as my skin. My grey, however, is a stubborn beast and I will be turning to the bottle between-times to continue the illusion that I have yet to get my first ‘natural high-light’.

Hob Salons have 14 branches - book in now!

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