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BATD ON Sep 24, 2009 AT 3:08 pm

Amanda Wakeley S/S Beauty

Amanda Wakeley S/S Beauty

Amanda Wakeley’s return to the London catwalk was definitely one we weren’t going to miss. We managed to go backstage and speak with Sharon Dowsett about the make-up look. Unlike most of the shows this week, high-street make-up brand Barbara Daly, sold in Tesco stores, was used.

Before any of the girls had a touch of make-up they were treated to Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Facial Mist, an organic, hydrating spray used to plump out the skin, making it look youthful and dewy. The Face Lift Moisturiser, a creamy and pearly base, was used on most models as foundation. It lightens up the skin and gives a very healthy look; this was actually the gift product that everyone got to take away at the show.

Glamorous and slightly Bollywood, the make-up draws its inspiration from the collection, a reminiscent look of modern India. Wanting to exaggerate the almond shaped eyes, Dowsett uses dark brown pencil and created her own smoky eye effect, coining the look “shapely smoky.” Breaking the tradition of the black smoky-eye Dowsett used tones of gray, coffee-bean brown, and graphite to give it a steely, earthy look, describing it as “fierce.”

Instead of blush she used bronzer and rubbed a bit of gloss on the cheekbone, making them shine as the models strolled down the runway. As a tradition she always does the same style of make-up on the designer as she does with the models. So Dowsett painted brown almond eyes on Wakeley, which looked stunning.

The models are made up with Barbara Daly

The models are made up with Barbara Daly

Strong eyebrows seem to be a trend on the runways this season and to achieve the look is quite simple. Dowsett used an eyebrow pencil to define shape and smudge-proof mascara in brown, saying that the mousy texture makes it great for eyebrows. Another popular trend is the nude lip, achieved with natural coloured lipstick and fig lip liner. The make-up was quite popular with the girls backstage, in particular the Barbara Daly high impact mascara, they ended up giving one away to each model.

The hair was styled very sophisticated and sleek, once again drawing its inspiration from the collection with an Indian turban feel. The hair wraps around the head with knots and twists to compliment the heavy gold jewellery that was wrapped around the models. It was styled wet and there wasn’t a hairdryer to be seen backstage.

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