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by Chrissy Iley

bareMinerals Marvellous Moxie

bareMinerals Marvellous Moxie

I must admit I’ve always been a little bit afraid of the Bare Minerals brand with its powdery foundations and pots of eye powder that I’ve never been able to apply properly. The eye make-up has always left me looking like a weeping clown and the ‘healthy’ powdery foundation has always made me look deathly and mummified.

It is years since I tried them and everything is a whole lot less powdery. I’d had the image of Bare Minerals as being one of naturalness, the no make-up make-up, which again seems to me time consuming, too delicate and fiddly to apply.

I was in shock when I was given a dramatic lip set. A marvellous Moxie lip gloss in Daredevil was a dramatically dark crimson, soft and luxurious when applied over a Lead The Way lipstick. The purplish depths are remarkably sheer and pungent all at the same time. And the crimson lip liner called Electrified blends beautifully and stays put.

I had these bright red colours for a while before trying them. I was saving them for Halloween, but as soon as I put them on I realised they are entirely more wearable than I had imagined.

It’s always a bad idea to make judgements and stick with them. It means that your head and your face get stuck.

The only downside of the lipstick is its packaging. Designed so that the top stays on and doesn’t fall out in your handbag and colour everything in it, it means the cap is difficult to remove. I keep forgetting that you’re supposed to press something and it annoys me as much as childproof tops on Advils. So much so that I’ve been given to leaving the top off entirely because I prefer things in life to be fast and easy.

The good thing about this lipstick is that it hadn’t dried up at all. It’s super moist. The bad thing is of course it exploded in my handbag and everything inside is now a murky red.

I was also very impressed with the mascara. It’s a little brick-like and clumpy, but it stays put.

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