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by Chrissy Iley

bareMinerals Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment (£39.00)

bareMinerals Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment (£39.00)

I had heard good things about Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment (£39.00).  I like the word Biolucent. The idea of combining biology and luminescence as if you could somehow genetically modify your own face.

The cream is designed to diminish dark spots and discolouration while brightening the skin with the powerful antioxidant rich red mangrove extract. Allegedly the infusion of fruit acids helps retexture skin and their other hero ingredient, white sapphire, helps to capture and reflect light for soft focus luminosity and a more vibrant, even, and toned complexion.

So, the first time I put this cream on, my face stung, and instead of luminosity there was burning red. I left it a while as I felt it was just not for my sensitive skin.

I tried again but with a tiny amount, applying it to dark spots and problem areas only. I continued this cautious application for a couple of weeks and my skin got used to it so that it didn’t sting, it merely tingled.

There was an overall evening of the skin tone. I am not going for vibrancy, I’m going for soft focus. After about a month I was able to see real effects. The red mangrove, and ingredient, is found surrounding a bioluminescent bay in the Caribbean islands according to bareMinerals. The fruit acids are known to be gently exfoliating. With careful use the fruit acids are very effective, especially as I tend to forget about the exfoliating process. I like the fact that one bottle does it all for me.

I’ve never heard of the red mangrove, but maybe it is a key ingredient as bareMinerals claim it helps to give an ethereal glow to marine life, so why not to us.

I am not feeling entirely ethereal just yet, but my skin is smooth and even. This is not an instant gratification product. Everyone’s skin is different, but I would say expect around three weeks to pass before seeing a visible improvement.

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