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by Chrissy Iley



I had been afraid of bareMinerals make-up until I recently tried them and now I can’t get enough. Initially I’d worried that the little pots of powder would make my face crepy and dusty, and generally dry, when in fact, like a miracle, the opposite is true.
Somehow the face make-up makes your face glow and has a transformative effect on the skin. I also worried that blending various pots would be time consuming and complicated when in fact I have discovered that it may actually be quicker than applying regular foundation with a brush.

Suddenly there seem to be bareMinerals stores popping up everywhere. All have make-up artists that really do guide and show you how to use the products, without prioritising a sell. I went into the Covent Garden store after a sleepless night, the combinations of jet lag and having to interview Geoffrey Rush on the phone in Melbourne at an unearthly hour. My skin that morning was a challenge, but one that was dealt with very swiftly.

Once my correct colour match was established it was all fairly simple and intriguing. The make-up artist does half your face and you do the other half so you learn, not just look good when you leave and feel that you’ll never achieve the same effect yourself. The Renew & Hydrate Eye Cream (£23.00) was the first to impress me. A beautiful cream, which goes on smoothly and is absorbed instantly by tired eyes. It really does seem to de-puff them.

bareMinerals Original SPF15 Foundation (£25.00)

bareMinerals Original SPF15 Foundation (£25.00)

I am also a fan of the make-up primer called Prime Time Neutralising Foundation Primer (£21.00). It goes on the face like a cashmere wrap. It feels so silky. And then comes the Original SPF 15 Foundation (£25.00). The trick I have learnt is to use a tiny amount and a circular action with the brush on the face as if you’re polishing a window. The look, once complete, is spectacularly un-powdery. It looks polished and put together.

We also applied Well-Rested (£22.00), a face and eye brightener designed to minimise the appearance of dark spots, but it seemed to do something more, make me look awake, plumped up. in a couple of sweeps my sleepless night had been wiped away.

I love the feel of their Marvellous Moxie Lipsticks (£16.00) and their incredible staying power. We did eyes with the limited edition READY Eye Shadow True Romantic Palette (£29.00) which had an unusual peachy gold to it that I really liked and works very well for a day-to-evening transformation, building up smokiness with the Rich Bronze and Smoky Brown colours.

You can get custom-made eight piece sets with everything in them including brushes for a lifetime. Foundation, brushes and primer with up to £120 value can start in a set for around £50. The price point is excellent. The colours range from subtle to edgy.

My fear of the powder face has long gone. Instead I’m impressed with how they do it – create a polished glow and coverage that’s as full or as light as you like. As a brand overall, bareMinerals comes highly recommended.

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