BATD Tests Clairol Colour Foam

Mimi ON Jan 18, 2011 AT 2:28 pm

Clairol Colour Blend Foam

Clairol Colour Blend Foam

Most women will resort to the home hair colour kit at some time. Whether money’s too tight to warrant a visit to the salon, or they want to freshen up their colour and roots between treatments, a home hair colour kit is a cost effective way of giving your locks a boost. But there are some obvious downsides – colour splattered bathroom tiles, drips, patches where you didn’t quite see where the dye hadn’t reached… the list of complaints can really put you off. Most women want it to be as easy as it is cost effective, so the introduction of foam which stops drips, gives incredible coverage and allows you out of the bathroom while it develops is well-worth trying.

Clairol nice’n easy has launched its first ever foam home hair colour and with 18 natural looking shades to choose from there’s something for everyone. The foam is created with a few vigorous shakes via a unique ‘foamer’ cap which controls how much you use, and increases the volume of liquid by six times so one kit will cover even the longest and thickest hair. Because it’s creates foam it won’t drip, either through your fingers or once applied and you simply rub it on as if it was a shampoo.

We asked one Beauty and the Dirt reader to put it to the test and here’s how she got on…

So all you need to do is choose your favourite shade, shake it all up and get colouring for total impact without the fuss. Nice’n easy Colour Blend Foam is available at RRP £6.99. For further information and to check out the range of colours click here!

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