Battle of the Bulge

Mimi ON Nov 19, 2008 AT 1:04 pm

It’s not even January and we’re already thinking about reducing our calorie intake and avoiding those canapes! However, watching what you eat is only half the battle when it comes to dropping a dress size: exercise is a must if you really want to keep the weight off.

We’re clearly not the only ones who think this as leading gym chain, Fitness First is on a mission to get more people into regular exercise and has joined forces with supermarket giant Tesco to set the ball rolling.

To help ease people into exercise, Fitness First has launched a range of fitness products to encourage people to get fit. Not only will the product help stretch and tone but you’ll also receive a free Fitness First guest day pass which will inspire you to further your good work!

David Langridge from Fitness First said there are still so many people who know they should be getting fitter but who need some help to take that plunge.

“Our new range of products even come with a free day pass to one of our gyms so when people can see the positive effect of a piece of equipment they will want more and become a regular gym member,’’ he said.

The new products range from pilates, running and yoga kits through to dumbbells, a boxing set and exercise bike – and costs start at just £12.99. What excuse do you possibly have to get out of this one?

 Available from Teso and

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