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by Annie Vischer

Eve Lom alongside her renowned cleanser.

There are a few things you may not know about Eve Lom. Well, quite a lot of things actually. She may be best known for the coveted white and gold packaged skincare range that sits alongside high end products on Space NK shelves, but her life before the brand reads like a film. She grew up in the former Czechoslovakia with her grandmother whom she has described as a ‘witch doctor”. She would often be sent out to collect herbs and plants for her grandmother’s healing practises, and this is where her knowledge and passion for herbal remedies in skincare is rooted.

When she was 18 the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia and she fled to Paris where she worked as a dancer. She married Herbert Lom, an actor famed for his portrayal of Chief Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther films before following him to Hollywood. Here she revisited the in depth herbal knolwedge she cultivated with her grandmother and put it into practice as a Hollywood facialist, quickly developing a client list of stars and socialites alike.

She opened her first salon in 1983 when she moved to London and began selling her skincare line there in 1985. Thanks to her the beauty industry has a cleanser that many simply cannot do without, the Kiss Mix lip balm that peppers handbags throughout the nation, and an eye cream deemed to be one of the best available. And the brand just keeps on going.

This February will see the launch of the Eve Lom Colour Cosmetics range. We are rather excited. There’s a foundations and tinted moisturisers, primers, concealers and powders. As you might expect from the ‘witch doctor”s granddaughter, each product is imbibed with botanical formulations that work to nourish and enhance skin. Spake NK may have bought the brand a few years ago but Lom still has a good amount of input into its developments, and if there’s one makeup range that you can trust, it’s one steered and guided by a revered facialist.

Look out for the range in Space NK stores this February. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of what is to come…

Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser (£48.00), Radiance Light Foundation (£50.00), Flawless Radiance Primer (£40.00)

Eve Lom Colour Cosmetics Range

Mineral Powder Foundation (£45.00), Light Illusion Concealer (£30.00), Brilliant Cober Concealer (£30.00)

Sheer Radiane Translucent Powder (£42.00), Mineral Powder Foundation Brush (£38.00), Golden Radiance Bronzing  Powder (£42.00) Concealer Brush (£30.00)

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