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Jourdana ON Sep 11, 2013 AT 12:35 pm

Important events have a (very mean spirited) knack of bringing out the far-from-flawlessness of my skin. Without change to my diet, beauty or make up regime it is almost inevitable that a handful of days before let’s say, oh, erm, Fashion Week, my ordinarily trouble-free skin will become crazed.

And so, whilst a crop of (wholly unwarranted and unnecessary) blemishes typically sees me hotfooting it to Hari’s in South Kensington for a tête-à-tête with facialist Debbie Thomas and her power wielding light therapy and gentle but effective extractions, in the meantime I’ve been attempting to camouflage the little blighters with two of the latest concealer offerings. 

Clarins Instant Concealer

Intrinsically an under-eye beauty fix to revive tiredness and conceal too-obvious dark shadows (which is how I’ve been using it to date FYI) I have, whilst attempting to banish imperfections and create a flawless skin finish, also been multi-tasking with Clarins Instant Concealer. Daubing the creamy skin-mimicking texture over an angry blemish, the light liquid formula worked a treat at taking down any redness without leaving any obvious make-up trace, and it really lasted without any need for powder-setting or touch-ups.

Clarins Instant Concealer, £20,

Bourjous Happy Light Concealer

It’s not often that a heavy duty cream concealer, read full coverage and long-lasting, is also ultra supple, illuminating, easy to blend and virtually undetectable. And yet that’s exactly what Bourjois’ new Happy Light Concealer offers. All in a handy mirror-toting compact.

Bourjois Happy Light Concealer, £8.99,

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