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by Chrissy Iley

Ruby Red Renewal Shea Skin Cream

Ruby Red Renewal Shea Skin Cream

This is the season of dry and hardened skin, rashes even that have come from excess dryness. Sometimes I feel my skin is unmoisturisable.

I remember purchasing a very expensive pot of Crème Ancien, being told that this was the cream of all creams. Cleopatra used it, or some such publicity rubbish that I totally fell for. If it was good enough for ancient feet it was good enough for mine.

But it wasn’t. It was all thick and clammy and sticky and lay on my skin.

For this kind of intensive cream you need something oily and buttery that can be absorbed. I was surprised by the efficiency of the Ruby Red Renewal Shea Skin Cream (£18.00), which contains extracts of lemon and honey.

The cream is intense and solid in the jar, but as soon as you put it on your skin it melts and smells of a sublime lemon sorbet. A small amount trickles into the skin and is absorbed instantly and the vitamins A and E seem to get to work to restore skin’s happiness. There is a kind of plumping action where skin might have sagged through being exposed to too much weather.

You can feel the fact it’s made from natural botanicals. It’s £18.00 for 60mls yet it feels luxurious.

Because I wanted to truly test it and not be driven into olfactory ecstasy just because I love the smell, I used it on one half of my face, hands, chest, legs only. After a week of this the difference is completely remarkable. I’ve never done this kind of test with a cream before, and perhaps never will again. Now I can treat my left side to some lemon smelling sensation.

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