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Mimi ON Sep 05, 2013 AT 10:46 am

YSL Shocking Mascara

YSL Shocking Mascara


By Chrissy Iley 

I’ve spent many hours at Heathrow recently. It’s almost impossible not to shop when you’ve time to waste. You end up wasting money too.

I used to be a fool for the shoe store in Terminal 3. It seemed to have an eclectic collection from Chloé to high street and back again. But after a recent interview with Bea Johnson author of Zero Waste Home I’ve been on a de-cluttering frenzy and feel more embarrassed than proud of the hundreds of pairs of shoes I already own.

So I’m afraid my hours have now been spent in Swarovski’s crystal shops. They do a very nice wrap around leather crystallized bracelet or three. And make-up and perfume.

Terminal 3 has a massive Jo Malone which I’ve managed to avoid. I spent the whole of 2001 in Pomegranate Noir and feel I can’t go back there.

So unfortunately for me I return on my never ending quest – the perfect mascara. I used to think it was shoes that changed your life, gave you height, changed the way you walked, positioned your rear, affected your ability to teeter or run.

Now I am all about how wide you can open your eyes. The YSL mascara told me I could look like a doll or another promised me I could shock because it was called Shocking. Of course we all love to shock, and didn’t Schiaparelli have a pink that was called Shocking?

I told myself I have four mascaras in my hand luggage alone, why would I need a fifth, so I walked away, went into the Air New Zealand lounge hoping for a trifle, but I was too early for trifle and they were still serving samosas. Obviously I went back to YSL and bought Shocking.

Are people shocked that I do actually look like I have eyelashes? I doubt it. Am I? Yes, slightly, I am.

Ten days later it’s still juicy and lengthening and shiny black and if you’re in Terminal 3 at a loss I would say it beats shoes, Jo Malone and trifle.

I do believe Shocking is the one Anjelica Huston uses. The one she buys in bulk because of her claim, ‘All mascara dries out after two weeks.’

I do now have many mascaras but I no longer store them like sad broken things lying in a drawer. I have no emotional attachment, even if they do transform my life for two weeks.

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