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Jourdana ON Mar 14, 2013 AT 9:36 am

perfectly polished skin at Balmain SS13

If you’ve ever been disappointed by a facial – the ineffectual prodding, too-soft slathering and could-do-a-better-job-with-a-Clarisonic cleansing, then now is the time to forget everything you’ve experience before and let Antonia Burrell restore your faith – and your skin.

Switching between intensive sweeping motions, deep lymphatic drainage massage and targeted acupressure, her deft and intuitive hands – the very same that created the BABTAC accredited Facelift Facial Technique – somehow manage, in up to 48 movements I’m told –  to pinpoint each and every tense muscle, sagging section of skin and congested pocket.

Starting off with a surprisingly soothing pore-opening steam, Antonia slicks her own Natural Glow Cleansing Oil across the face and neck, lifting away every last scrap of make up, pollution and debris. She then moves onto working a fine-grain polish into the skin, to gently wick away dead skin cells and blocked pores.  The second stage of exfoliation involves a more intense, rough-grain exfoliator which rigorously buffs skin to polished perfection. Finally, Antonia brushes a mild, tingling AHA fruit peel over the face for the ultimate in sparkling skin refinement.

After an intensive hour of massage, polishing and hardcore granule-based exfoliation – something that my skin is far from accustomed to – I expected to find a red-raw face staring back at me in the mirror. Instead I was greeted by a flawless, plumped, smoothed and unashamedly glowing complexion. And whilst there was a definite hint of rouge across my cheeks, it was a healthy walk-in-the-park-on-a-crisp-autumn-day type of glow.

But then I suppose that’s exactly what you’d expect from The Primrose Hill Polish. 

Antonia Burrell Skincare

Antonia Burrell’s Primrose Hill Polish, exclusive to Lost In Beauty, £120 for 60 mins, £165 for 90 mins.

Lost In Beauty, 117 Regent’s Park Road, London, NW1 8UR, 0207 586 4411.

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