Beauty Spot: Debbie Thomas DNA Facial

Jourdana ON Feb 15, 2013 AT 9:33 am

Head on up to the 3rd Floor of Hari’s Brompton Road Salon and there you’ll find no airs or graces, no elaborate displays of luxury, no candles, dimmed lights or aromatherapy oils wafting through the air. This is no opulent massage room or luxurious medi-spa.

Debbie Thomas Facialist

But low key does not equate to no results, because what the treatment rooms lack in excess and decor, they more than make up for with Debbie Thomas.

Her skin knowledge appears to know no bounds. From the ominous-looking hi-tech machinery to the cabinet of sleek hi-science pipette products that line the wall there’s no doubt that Debbie means business.

And that’s exactly what my skin was crying out for. Two weeks of SPF-testing had taken its toll and unsurprisingly my skin was confused – sensitive across the cheeks, congested around the chin, dry in some parts, oily in others, with no semblance of balance and not a hint of healthy glow. Not even my usual honed and attested to routine could coax it back to its previous state, which is when I turned to Debbie for a skin SOS. For intuitive skin-soothing and problem-skin fixing – she’s hard to beat.

My bespoke DNA Facial began with a gently-tingling-turn-mildly-fiery Skinceuticals Gel Peel to lift dead skin cells, followed by a soothing bout of  serum-infusing hydradermabrasion to cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate all-in-one.  Once skin was squeaky clean, Debbie got to work extracting a couple of deeply congested spots, before applying a Skinceuticals Phloretin Gel and running a red light over my skin to calm and strengthen it. Returning to hydradermabrasion, this time without the exfoliation but with an added ultra-nourishing antioxidant serum, Debbie then highlighted a broken capillary that had been a bit of a trouble spot since appearing on my upper lip over a year ago. Despite having learnt to cleverly conceal it in a very Cindy Crawford-esque beauty spot fashion, within moments it had been zapped (painlessly) into oblivion with the Fotona SP Dynamis laser.  My skin was then slathered with Valmont’s Renewal Pack before the red light took one final whizz over my face and Debbie worked a little lymphatic massage to finish.

Glowing, I left the salon. Despite the extractions, the only redness came in the form of a faint shadow where my capillary had been lasered.

A week later and my skin was flawless. Capillary a distant memory, all congestion had cleared, dryness abated, oiliness subsided and my balanced, comforted skin was back to its best.

Debbie Thomas DNA Facial Treatment,  75 mins from £165-185, 105 mins for £245 at Hari’s Hari’s Brompton Road305 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2DY, 020 7581 5211 

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