Beauty Spot: JINNYLash Curl

Mimi ON Oct 16, 2012 AT 4:11 pm

When it comes to beauty armour some women can’t leave the house without a sweep of skin-brightening blush, for others it’s a slick of signature red lipstick. For me it’s a perfectly curled lash. Not thickening, lengthening mascara. Not framing eyeliner. A curled lash. Simple as that. The soft graceful curvature of an upward-sweeping lash is not to be overlooked. Eye opening. Brightening. Widening. And for me, necessary.

I own approximately 5 eyelash curlers. Notably, a mini Japonesque pair that travel around with me. A Tweezerman pair that offer failsafe gentle curves. And my luxe golden Shu Uemura‘s.

So whilst I’ll happily forego foundation and skip the colour cosmetics, I feel truly naked without a quick 10-second curling clamp. Or, better yet,  a heated curl  (blasting the curling pad with a hairdryer does the trick) for long lasting results.

OTT eyelashes

Which is undoubtedly why I am now borderline addicted to the JINNYlash curl, a specially designed treatment by eyelash aficionado Jinny Coffey, that sees eyelashes perfectly and (semi) permanently curled.

The process itself is fairly simple, and more importantly, speedy. Using a silicone eye pad, which is positioned over the eyelid, eyelashes are brushed over the pad and held in place using a hypoallergenic lash glue. A curling cream is applied and left on for 15 minutes and lashes are cleansed before a curling cream fixative is then applied for another 15 minutes. After another quick cleanse and with pads removed eyelashes are gorgeously swept-upwards in a gentle, natural curve. There’s no over-the-top curling, just a subtle, awakening sweep that lasts 4-6 weeks.

Now that is eye-opening.

The JINNYlash Curl is £45, 16 James Street, London, W1U 1EG,

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