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Beauty Spotlight: The Green Peel Facial.

Beauty Spotlight: The Green Peel Facial.

We’ve already told you that therapist Nataliya Robinson is THE facialist to visit in London, so when it comes to being adventurous with a peel, she is the person I trust with my skin. When everything’s dull, dry, and no amount of micro exfoliation sessions or at-home masks make a difference, it’s time to take action with a pro. The Green Peel is a facial you might have heard about already, but don’t be worried about how you might look with the word ‘peel’ in the title. I have now had two and am hooked.

Even when wearing SPF your skin gets some damage and with summer approaching you will want to lighten your make up and have your skin looking its best wearing less. When we want to get our glow back, Nataliya prescribes her Green Peel Facial. Get rid of any thoughts of red faces and tender skin a la Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones, Nataliya’s facial is free of any scary chemicals, and packed full of natural plants and superfoods. My skin had the most radiant glow after mine, no sign of patchy redness I went home on the tube without a baseball cap hiding my face.

Nataliya Robinson.

Nataliya Robinson.

Now Nataliya’s recipe is top secret, and we can’t give too much away, but here are a small selection of the ingredients involved:

Pansy – it’s rich in carotenoids and salicylic acid (BHA), antibacterial, and has wound-healing properties.

Spirulina – it’s rich in beta-carotene and provitamin A. It exfoliates, activates the metabolism and regulates sebum production.

Aloe vera – calms and firms.

Lungwort – is a member of the borage family, rich in tannin and minerals, and promotes cell regeneration.

Oh and the active ingredient is stinging nettle, which really makes your skin tingle but you can cope I promise! Nataliya starts you off very gently with leaving her special green potion only a minute or so on the skin, whilst massaging very gently. The intensity increases with each facial as your skin gets used to it. At first Nataliya keeps things gentle, in terms of how firm the massage is, how strong the blend is and how long it is left on for. Each factor increases with each facial and each individual, all depending on what kind of results you are looking for and how much downtime you are prepared to put in.

You can always continue with regular visits for a gentle facial, but Nataliya advises working in an intense facial that is normally the third step in the Green Peel Facial routine.

Nataliya calls the third facial, the Wednesday Facial. The blend of ingredients is left on for a lot longer, and over the following few days skin peels and renews itself. Book this one in when you can take some away from any special events, as your skin well be peeling off, to reveal its new shiny self. By Sunday the renewing process should be coming to an end, then you book in another facial for Nataliya to complete the process and polish up your skin up. The results are supposed to be astounding. I haven’t had this one yet.

The results of my first two were fantastic, the comments I have had on my skin have all been followed up with, “I am booking a facial immediately…”

I can’t recommend this facial enough, it is just another bespoke service that Nataliya does for her clients, she is such an expert I do trust her to tell me what my skin needs throughout the year. If you are looking for someone to give you great advice on how to look after your skin and keep it looking at its best without botox and fillers you should book in and start investing in your skin for the long haul.

Visit or call 07774544455.


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