Beauty Spotted: Can you buy Beauty for Others?

Chrissy ON Dec 05, 2008 AT 11:45 am

By Chrissy Iley

The gift of beauty is quite the double edged sword.  For instance, some gifts of beauty can be truly life changing, or at least enhancing.  I remember when my first boyfriend introduced me to scent and I became a lifelong ‘aromantic’ – but there are only certain relationships that allow giving someone something to make them feel good about themselves.

A girlfriend cannot buy a girlfriend any kind of cream, lipstick or perfume because it says, I’m trying to turn you into me, or I’m trying to turn you into something better, or there’s something wrong with the way you do your eye make-up, which just shouldn’t be said in this festive, tired and emotional season.  Women have far too much rivalry between them for that ever to work.  Even if you’re sisters it’s stretching it.  Sisters may however give skin cream only if they know they are of the same DNA and have made a magnificent find.

Girls who are friends (unless they are more than friends and extremely intimate) should never give scent.  Scent is not a friendly gift.  It’s a sexy gift.  A man can buy you scent, either because he knows and loves what you smell of, or he has his own idea and wants to make an imprint on you. Even if you hate the smell you must surrender to his desire, his fantasy.  I love the smell of Agent Provocateur; I love Maitresse and their new scent Strip… The Agent Provocateur Strip Eau de Parfum Gift Set, £50 at House of Fraser, which comes so seductively packaged, is a statement in itself. Any man who buys this wants to seduce you.  Maybe he’s a fool for the lace side tie knickers that come with the package and are made to be untied.  Maybe it’s a fantasy.  Maybe you want to go along with it, maybe you don’t.  But it’s a gift of desire, and that can only be a good thing.

Playing on the powder pink and patent black that AP made famous, Narciso Rodriguez have a beautifully packaged fabulous fashionista party scent, which is something you might be wanting to drop hints for.

Daughters may of course buy their mothers skincare products, and in fact must do so.  One friend of mine goes home every Christmas and religiously throws out the past the sell by (2003) date, half empty bottles of ineffectual cream and replaces it with something current with good lifting and firming properties.  After a little protest, her mother always feels grateful and loved.  I think it’s become a bonding ritual.

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The Agent Provocateur Strip eau de parfum gift set

The Agent Provocateur Strip eau de parfum gift set

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